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Punita Trrikha

Punita Trrikha
Punita Trrikha

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My Life... a human strife!!

Born in a country known for its tradition, I was always fascinated with the sparkling world of Gems and Jewelry. My imagination took shape with my zeal to sparkle lives with my adorable creations. Nature defines my creations that reflect and revere its unspoken beauty. As a craftswoman, as an artist; I have simply channelized the creative energy bestowed upon me by the Almighty...

How I work...

My work is a channelization of my passion for creativity. I design and make costume Jewelry all by myself, without the help of any assistant. Irrespective of the place, I work, I design Jewelry that is not only unique but creates a statement of fashion, all by itself.

To my surprise, my passion has enabled me to craft costume Jewelry even in a movie theater, car and while traveling in an aircraft while watching TV. This extension of my creativity is a beautiful evolution...

My creations...

Creativity is a human instinct... It is a consonance of imagination, skills and passion. I have been beautifying the world of glamour with costume Jewelry that not only adorns rather speaks by itself...
Apart from Jewelry creations encompass a broad assortment of designs... They include:

My best critique...

My best critique is my son, Sahil. His innocence inspires me to magnify the beauty hidden inside every new motif. His imaginative diversity and abstract ideas add an enigmatic charm to my creations.

My zeal to innovate...

My mind wanders like a cloud in the sky of imagination as I create new designs that mesmerize the beholder. My hands move with my ideas to capture the beauty of nature to adorn its most beautiful creations.

My creations are handmade and hence they reflect a unique and unmatched charm. Every motif has a story behind its creation, a story that is the soul of that design. I normally do not repeat the designs unless somebody specifically requests a duplicate of it.

My show room

Inspired by the encouraging people around me ... I decided to make my creativity available for my connoisseurs beautifully. Delhi, being the capital city and the heart of the nation, is a place where everyone can reach easily. This showroom is a result of the encouragement, I have received from my connoisseurs. I am highly obliged to Mr. Jackie Shroff for inaugurating this gateway to my dreamland.

I also coordinate with my clients from Mumbai.
** These outlets are opened only on prior appointments.

A new chapter begins...

Whether it is Jewelry, fashion accessories, miniatures & collectibles or home decor, Swarovski is the last word in luxury and opulence. My alliance with Swarovski is an endeavour to bring the piece-dé-art of beautiful crystal world for the connoisseurs of beauty.

My association with Swarovski has proved to be an opportunities galore for me. It was like a dream come true to participate in the coveted Swarovski Fair organised at Hong Kong and Paris in the year 2007. On both the occasions, I was the only Indian among 60 and 30 odd participants respectively.

The Lesson of My Life... my talisman!

The biggest lesson of my life is...
Our deeds determine us as much as we determine our deeds...

** I met Raj, thanked him... realized his generosity... reciprocated it... and was showered with God's love!!

I thank GOD!!

Generous is the Almighty,
To whom, I so much owe!
With reverence and adoration...
A thousand times, I bow.

My dream come true

media coverageThe queen of the silver screen, Kajol, has been the heartthrob of cinelovers. She is also my favorite actress and I long cherished to meet her... So, it was like my dream turned into reality, when I met Kajol on the sets of "Rock N Roll Family," the reality show aired on Zee TV.

And to my delight, it was not only Kajol but also I happen to meet the entire star family including Ajay Devgan and her mother Tanuja as well. I took the opportunity to meet my favorite and make it one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Punita Trrikha

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